TornoPlur-Emme s.p.a.

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Mozzi Giuseppe

Direttore Generale
(General Manager)

Mozzi Raffaello

Responsabile Acquisti
(Marketing Manager)

Alfredo Elmi

Responsabile Generale Produzione
(Principal Product Manager)

Salvi Marta

Responsabile Amministrazione
(Accounting Manager)

Medici Marco

Programmazione della Produzione
(Facilities Operations Manager)

Lodovisi Graziano

Responsabile Attrezzaggi
(Assistant Product Manager)

Malossi Simone

Responsabile Assicurazione Qualita
(QC Supervisor)



TORNOPLUR EMME was established in 1977 as an unlimited partnership, with its main office in Ponte di Verzuno (Bologna). The founders, who are also the current owners, have since developed the company into an important force within the market of small metal parts.

Using multispindle equipment, the company manufactures metal parts from steel, brass and aluminum according to customer specifications. It has achieved a considerable degree of specialization in both machining and product and process control, thus remaining competitive in its specific target market.

Over the years, the specific demands of Tornoplur customers have led to the introduction of controlled processes and an enhanced awareness of the quality demanded. Therefore, a natural outcome of the company's development has been the adoption of a quality system conforming to standard UNI EN ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949 for the Automotive.

The target market of TORNOPLUR EMME is manufacturers of mechnical components, above all in the automobile sector, both in Italy and abroad. Tornoplur Emme customers belong to a highly specialized sector where there is a considerable demand for product quality and specialization of the human resources employed in the production process. Tornoplur is capable of meeting customer expectations thanks to the certification of its quality system.

The company relies on Gildemeister and Mori-Say multispindle automatic lathes for its major production needs. It also has a system for drying, separating chips from oil and washing products. Moreover, it has an automatic weighing and batch-identification bar code system directly connected to the company's information system to control production batches and optimize identification and location of batches.

For testing purposes, the company uses a profilometer linked to a computerized statistical program which automatically sends out tally sheets. Tests are also performed with measuring instruments linked to a program for compiling tally sheets which allows fast, accurate recording of measurements.


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